The Design Process

Conceptual Design:

The core of the JAID (jane Antonacci Interior Design) philosophy is to deliver interiors that reflect the personal taste and style of the client. Therefore, initial “style review” meetings and our “home design values assessment” are crucial. These meetings allow us to explore and understand the client’s desires, dreams, and the best means to their delivery. We explore each client’s philosophy and lifestyle to better understand the aesthetic objective, timeline and budget. We then develop original solutions specific to their needs. This phase includes space plans, inspiration boards, drawings and renderings, colors and materials to communicate 2-3 big ideas from which the client will select their favorite. After the look and feel is identified, we are able to produce the furnishings budget and then design to that budget.

Design Development:

During the development phase, the concept is refined. Close collaboration with project architects and builders is crucial for seamless interiors. Management of custom elements and detailed development of materials, color palette and furnishings happen now, as does the defining of every detail. Nothing is too minute. There are ongoing consultations with clients, utilizing ever more detailed drawings, renderings and computer walk-through technology to help the client visualize the results and make choices easily. This is where the designs really come alive.

Design completion and Installation:

The culmination of this process, of the purchasing and of the waiting, is the turnkey installation, which is a most memorable event. Led by the JAID team, artisans, movers and installers work seamlessly to realize the vision. Everything from area rugs to furnishings, art work to accessories, bedding to bath is installed and ready to use. When the client arrives, the candles are lit, the beds are made and it is time to celebrate. Champagne for everyone and we toast to the future of one family’s well lived life!

(Jane Antonacci) has a great eye for enduring style. She marries a concern for functionality with a love of beautiful fabrics, color and design. Her decisions have proven to be good ones over the long haul.

Private Client, Woodside, CA