Setting the Stage

This foyer sets the stage for the entire experience of this particular property, which is a luxurious, state-of-the-art estate residence in the Bay Area.

Although the property is quite classical, I did not want the foyer, as your first sense of the home, to be limited by that. It needed a spark of glamour and joy. Changing the beige marble inlay to a shiny black Negro Marquina set a strong graphic base for the entire design.

A small settee nestled at the bottom of the stairs is covered in a vibrant shade of coral alpaca which has a brushed texture. A fun, vintage 1940’s Italian sunburst gilt wood mirror was located online at a reputable dealer we had worked with in the past. Bringing it out on approval allowed the client to see it and fall in love with it. The sconces are a pair of vintage 1980’s leaves of hand blown Italian Murano glass in neutral with 23 carat “polvero d’oro” (gold leaf flecks) and brass details. These pieces added a classically modern touch.The limestone staircase was in place and the bronze railings were beautiful. The curved wall was a challenge to decorate, as you really can’t hang a dynamic, but flat, painting on it now, can you? The client was interested in European tapestries. Our sources in Paris located a very rare and well executed piece.

It’s a late 17th-century, which is unusually rare. The age is recognizable because of the large, luscious and exuberant 10-12” wide borders. This particular wool-and-silk tapestry was made in the Wilhelm Wernier’s factory of Lille, and features a fantastic architectural and natural landscape. It’s inhabited by elegant figures in flowing robes. The robe work represents extremely detailed and beautiful textiles on the figures. This piece is a real collector’s piece that will last another few hundred years with care. Talk about sustainable!

The front doors were, for some reason, Biedermeier in style, in cherry and maple. We were able to repurpose them and choose instead to make an American black walnut double door with a fanlight over the top. We brought in the same metal worker who had created the railing and had him make a coordinating grill for the window.

And voila! The foyer created just the right inviting peek of what was to be found throughout this one of a kind, resort-like property.